Why I Love Greens and Eggs

Why I Love Greens and Eggs

backyard_greens_and_eggs.jpgEveryone remembers the Dr. Seuss poem “Green Eggs and Ham.”  I have discovered that my favorite breakfast alongside my daily slice of whole grain toast is Greens and Eggs. 

I don’t know what it is about this time of year; perhaps it is the sun rising earlier, but I tend to wake up and jump out of bed sooner. After that first cup of coffee, I am just totally starving and craving something wholesome and healthy. 

With six chickens and a bountiful backyard garden with greens that seem to multiply, on most days, I find myself whipping up a quick dish of sautéed greens and eggs in no time at all.  There really couldn’t be a more satisfying and energy-filled way to start the day than eating a plate of Greens and Eggs fresh from your own backyard. 

add_stems_of_swiss_chard_or_kale.jpgI can’t get enough of these protein-packed fresh eggs that come with a built-in, creamy sauce from their just-set yolk. Paired with softened, hearty greens flecked with bits of onion and garlic, then splashed with just a bit of hot sauce—eating Greens and Eggs sets my day off in the best way possible. And it’s super-fast, uses just one small pan, and has a great nutritional profile. 

I love Swiss chard or kale for this— and don’t be afraid to use the stems if you slice them nice and thin.  You can see from my pictures that I have the stems from my Swiss chard in the pan with the onions.  Stems from greens, when utilized properly, are one of the best-kept secrets of the kitchen.  How do I do it?

Scott’s Backyard Greens & Eggs

  • saute_onions.jpgSet a nonstick skillet over medium heat, drizzle in just a touch of olive oil and add a bit of sliced onion (or shallot or scallion). I like a crushed garlic clove in there for a touch of flavor (crushed vs. minced so I can pull it out) and a touch of Aleppo pepper or crushed red pepper for a kiss of heat.  Sprinkle with some kosher salt and sauté for a few minutes until the onions are softened slightly and you can smell the fragrance of the garlic and pepper.
  • Add your cleaned and torn/chopped greens (you want to keep them pretty big – the texture from the big folds is really nice on the plate) and let them wilt slightly. Toss lightly with tongs or a wooden spoon until just wilted.  I love to add a splash of probiotic-loaded Bragg’s cider vinegar or a squeeze of fresh lemon juice for a kiss of acidity.  A few halved cherry tomatoes straight from the garden is a great addition at this point too.  Remove to a plate and keep warm (covering with a piece of foil works great).
  • adding_green_peppers.jpgReturn the skillet to the burner, add a touch of olive oil and a small pat of butter. Crack one or two eggs into the pan and cook to desired doneness.  Some folks like over easy, over medium, or sunny side up.  I have even done this with poached eggs if I don’t have to run off to work right away.
  • When the eggs are done, remove them to the plate with the greens and prepare to enter food nirvana. A splash of hot sauce really rounds it out for me.  I know Greens and Eggs might sound like a weird thing to eat in the morning— but trust me on this.  I have never felt better since I started eating this a few times a week in the morning.

wilting_greens.jpgPrefer a heartier, meatier version? Add some diced ham to the pan with the onions. Voila! Greens, Eggs & Ham.

You might not have a prolific garden or a flock of laying hens in your backyard, but you don’t need them to enjoy this simple meal. I am confident if you try this for breakfast (or lunch, or dinner) this week you will love it. 

If you do try it, let me know what you think!

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