Healthy Food Trends We Want to See More of in 2016

Healthy Food Trends We Want to See More of in 2016

Although it signals the beginning of a new year, the first week of January often prompts me to reminisce about the previous 52 weeks. I reflect on amazing experiences like getting to watch the waves crash onto the shore of Oahu’s Bonzai Pipeline with my husband, fly fishing the Beaverhead River with my family, and having a 360-degree view of Chicago’s fireworks from a rooftop while surrounded by people I love. I think of how life has changed and also about what's remained constant.

Amidst the flood of personal memories, as a dietitian, I can’t help but look back and review what major food trends swept the nation. There are always some obscure, outrageous developments that make you shake your head in disbelief (i.e. the Feeding Tube Diet) and some, like that time Greek yogurt and kale became cool, that have dietitians rejoicing everywhere. It makes you wonder how and why such trends are so successful but also prompts me to think, “What are we in for this year?”


Possible Healthy Food Trends for 2016

I’ve read a lot of predictions about what food trends we will see in 2016. Here are some that I hope actually happen:

1. Souping. Souping is similar to juicing, but uses the whole fruit or vegetable, making it healthier.

2. Pulses. Pulses are a group of dried legumes that includes lentils, beans, and chickpeas. Expect to see pea protein and legume flour included in new dishes and products, like our Hummus Bread.

3. Sustainable Diets. These are diets that are not only healthy for you but also for our environment and future generations.

4. Açai Bowls. These offer a new twist on the smoothie. It’s basically a smoothie in a bowl topped with fruit and granola.

5. Plant-Based Diets. This includes creative dishes like vegetable ribbon pasta, zucchini noodle shrimp scampi, roasted cabbage steaks with cauliflower mash and cauliflower pizza crust. You've probably seen this trend start to flood your Pinterest board already. Expect more!

What do you think will take over the food world this year? More importantly, what would you LIKE to see take over the food world?

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