We Aren't Running Out of Thrills Anytime Soon

We Aren't Running Out of Thrills Anytime Soon

is_the_thrill_gone.jpgIn a recent blog post, Seth Godin talked about how thrills are, by definition, fleeting.

I am likely missing the point of that blog, but I just don’t agree. I get the logic. Thrills have to be gone soon, or they are regular and not thrilling. If they are regular, then they are commonplace; perhaps even boring. Or so the argument goes…

But, is that any way to look at something you love? When I think about riding my bike, each individual ride isn’t necessarily thrilling. Some are; some aren’t. But when I think about cycling overall, it definitely thrills. It is very rare that I can’t find joy in a bike ride. To me, each moment of joy is a thrill. But can I recreate that specific thrill? Probably not.

All Thrills Are Not Created Equal

I went out Friday night in Pittsburgh during a moment of early spring and got a quick 20 miles in. It was thrilling because it was my first outdoor ride of 2016. Is that moment gone? Yes. Can I repeat it? No, because there is only one first. But can I create a new iteration of a thrill the next time I’m on the bike? Yes. I know this to be true because I did it Saturday and Sunday as well. Each ride, thrilling in its own right. I had another thrilling ride today, biking to lunch while it was no longer tilting towards spring on the thermometer. That was thrilling for another reason.

thrill_roots.jpgWhat I am saying is that I get that individual thrills are fleeting. What I disagree with is the semantics of Godin’s conclusion (essentially, that thrilling shouldn’t be a goal). He says, “Thrilling is fine. Mattering is more important.”

Mattering is important. But why not matter by creating a thrill each time you do something? Will you be successful all the time? Of course not. But does that mean you shouldn’t try to matter by creating a stream of thrills? That you should give up on trying to thrill people altogether? Not even a chance that answer is yes. We should matter. And do things that matter. And I think we should do that by creating a string of thrills.

Where do you stand on the long-term potential of thrills? Weigh in below.

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