Is The Gluten-Free Diet Fad Already Going Bust?

Is The Gluten-Free Diet Fad Already Going Bust?

gluten_lovers_unite_2.jpgIt sure looks that way. There was an article in the Wall Street Journal last week that suggested just that. For us gluten fans, it is worth a read.

I never had any delusions when it came to the gluten-free diet. From the beginning, I said that this one is different. That unlike Atkins and low carb and the other diets that told people to quit eating bread, this one had legs because it was rooted in science. Celiac disease is real. If you have it, you shouldn’t eat bread. Period. The issue of gluten sensitivity is also real. If ANY food gives you discomfort, don’t eat it. Period.

But the idea that gluten was the root of all evil in the world? No. That never made sense. The idea that you should cut a major food group out of your diet was not based on science. Despite being conflated with a genuine health issue, gluten-free as a lifestyle choice has always seemed destined to peter out of popularity, just like every other fad diet before it. 

Fad or otherwise, if you do something to improve your life and it works, then great. If not eating gluten makes you feel better, keep doing what works for you. In the bakery cafe business, I have seen a huge chunk of consumers go “gluten free,” which hurts our business. As someone who sells gluten products for a living, I am biased. But I am happy to see the uproar around gluten-free everything subsiding.

And to give you a two-for-one in a single post, I want to share a quote that is working its way through my endurance sports social media spots: “Don’t quit when you are tired; quit when you are done.”

I half agree.
On one hand, I don’t agree because sometimes you aren’t tired. You are injured. And I don’t mean a hangnail/blister type of injury. I mean the type of thing where if you don’t stop you could be in real trouble. Think about the football players that always sing “Put me in coach” when they have a concussion, and yet they still want to play. Those people should stop; it is time for them to quit.

But should you quit just because you are fatigued or pushing yourself? No. Don’t dare stop. And this lesson is so applicable to business. So many success stories are built upon failures and turn-around situations. Things evolve. Very few (in fact, zero that I know of) success stories were truly one and done. No one gets it right the first time. Even if you are close, you still need to evolve and refine. Don’t stop just because it wasn’t perfect at first. Just keep going and get better.

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