For Business Success, “Wow” Must Be Supported By Results

For Business Success, “Wow” Must Be Supported By Results

your_business_needs_more_than_just_good_showPresence. A vital part of a successful business. But not the only part.

Call it the “it” factor. Or wow factor. A business needs to have it as much as a person does. A business has a persona and the more wow it has, the more likely there is to be a buzz.

As a life-long Lakers fan, I watched with interest how that they broke the mold of expectations in the NBA draft this year. It was last night as I write this. Why? The only thing I can think of is they know something conventional wisdom doesn’t. But there is another twist. Persona. Showtime. The Lakers haven’t been Showtime for a few years and the crowds are restless.

In this year’s draft, the Lakers organization was given two choices. Take the safe pick of a big man ─ which has been their trademark move throughout history. OR take the younger, smaller guy that will put buzz back in the building. They chose persona over the safe route. The Lakers are known for dominating centers but historically they are more known for being Showtime. With their 2015 draft pick, they chose Showtime.

whats_your_brand_personaWhile most of us aren’t the Lakers, the lesson is one we all can, and should, heed. Businesses do have a persona or vibe, and as the owner, you set the tone for yours. At Great Harvest we want our bakeries to be fun, energetic, warm and comforting. We do our best to achieve that by trying to attract franchisees who naturally fit that description. It is easiest to exude a persona if it is natural. Honestly, look at all of the businesses that say they are trustworthy. Or natural. Or generous. Or caring. But are they? For most businesses those are hollow phrases. We do our best to make them genuine. Because it is our persona.

But so is something else. We focus on those particular qualities ─ which means that we choose them. Just like the Lakers chose Showtime over a fundamental. But there is something else. NBA free agents are no longer limiting themselves to the two major markets (LA and New York) for increased marketing opportunities. They say you can now get just as much exposure in Oklahoma City or Miami or Minneapolis. And things are certainly better in that regard.

deliver_on_the_promise_of_wow-1Think about it. Even in Cleveland, Lebron can get exposure on the moon. In Oklahoma City, Kevin Durant can come close. James Harden, though, could do better in LA or New York. Why? They all have “it.” They can all bring the Showtime. But Lebron has rings.

At the end of the day, wow matters but so do results. The “it” factor can set you apart but you still have to deliver on your brand promise. Good companies have a superior product or wow. Great ones have both.

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