Make Every Customer Experience Memorable

Make Every Customer Experience Memorable

Make the first experience the best one.

make_every_experience_memorable.jpgRemember, someone in your audience is experiencing this for the very first time. You have an obligation to make it one to remember. Make them want a second bite of the apple.

I have heard that with regards to performance more than business, but it works. Especially in a business like Great Harvest. Then again, what is customer service if it isn’t performance? Shoot, what is all business if it isn’t performance?

We rarely know who in our audience is there for the first time, so everyone should be treated as if they are. Or, said differently:

We should perform as if it is incumbent upon us to make sure all are so engaged and happy that they want to come back over and over and over again.

Businesses lose customers all the time for natural reasons. Relocation, death, life changes in general; all of those are normal reasons for turnover.

What is not natural, or acceptable, is customer turnover for reasons we can control. For reasons related to us. A customer should always walk out the door anxious to return. If not, we must ask ourselves, “What could I have done to change that?”

Do you remember your first Great Harvest experience?

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