What The Bread Business Taught Me This Week

What The Bread Business Taught Me This Week

For me, this summer has been one of those personally challenging time periods we all go through.  From the first of June on through last night I have had a constant nagging question in the back of my mind:  what on earth is happening in my life?  I’ve had way too many you have got to be kidding me moments, and not in a good way. 

But this week, I saw two examples of leadership in Great Harvest that made me think maybe its okay

The first was another case of hire the right people, get out of their way and let them do the right things. One of our leadership team members called me and said we did something today that you weren’t in the loop on so let me get you up to speed because it was the right thing to do.   

I talk a lot about flat and democratic leadership but that doesn’t mean I think no one is in charge.  Leaders have to lead.  And, someone has to make decisions and hold people accountable.  The call today reflected that.  We did something.  Let me explain it to you.  Let’s see what you think and then get behind it.  That is bottom up leadership.   Not We did something so deal with it.  That is chaos.  Today was something different.  There were more steps in there. The call was let me explain it to you and get you on board.  I couldn’t have respected or admired her more at the end of that call if I had tried. 

I also walked into the Lexington, MA bakery this week, unannounced,

Great Harvest Lexington, MA owner photo

to buy some bread and the bakery owner (thank you Nicole) knew what my favorite whole grain variety is. Really?  You knew that? This is not a bakery I regularly visit.  I bet there aren’t 10 people in Great Harvest that know the answer to that question.  I was blown away.  That is impressive customer service

 Any "aha" moments in your week you'd like to share?


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