What Makes You A Great Harvest Customer?

What Makes You A Great Harvest Customer?

That could be a rhetorical question but I really want to know.  It is always good to ask customers and fans what they like so here is your chance to sound off. 

 Tell me what makes Great Harvest special to you. 



 Is it the way we know our wheat farmers on a first name basis so you know the source is safe and awesome? 

Is it a favorite product?

Is it a special bread or cookie or sandwich or scone? 

Is it the experience when you stop in?

Is it the fact that all of our wheat is GMO free? 

Is it how we fresh mill our wheat every day in each store? 

Is it how we make everything from scratch by hand? 

Is it about the taste and quality of our products?

Or, is it something else?




Fire away.  We are listening and care.   We can take this information and use it to make your experience even better. 

 Thank you in advance for taking the time to answer this question

in the comments section below!


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