How Long Does It Take To Build And Open A Bakery?

How Long Does It Take To Build And Open A Bakery?

It takes a year to build and open a local retail bakery. 

There are factors that impact the timing but, on average, it takes about a year from the day you commit to the plan (for us,  that is the day you sign a franchise agreement) to the day you open for business.

There are really three phases to opening a store and the last two go like clockwork.  They are:

  1. finding a location,
  2. building the store while training, and
  3. final preparation. 

Timing of the location process is the least predictable of the three.

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Working backwards, the final prep takes about a month.  To set an opening date, we require a series of milestones be met that culminate in the picking of the date three weeks ahead of your opening.  The milestones are benchmarks we know are essential for a strong opening.  

Prior to that, you have to build the store and accomplish all of your training goals.  That is generally a four month process.  A month for final design, permitting and bidding for construction followed by a 90 day build out process, during which you do all of your training. 


Those are all averages but generally, they hold true.  And, run like clockwork since they are very systematic. 

What is less predicable is how long it takes to find a good location.  I have seen it take, literally, one day.  That isn’t going to happen again in my career as all of the factors fell into place that one time.  What is very reasonable is about 3 to 4 months.  To properly analyze and research available locations and rank them generally takes about 2 months.  Negotiating the terms of the lease takes about a month and finalizing lease language takes about a month.  

Why so long on the lease and terms?  There are lots of parties involved.  Real estate brokers.  Lawyers.  Property managers.  Property owners.  You.  Us.  Everyone has to be involved and that just takes time.  


Each step of the way in the process of opening your Great Harvest is a considered decision.  We have done this for almost 40 years and know what works in today’s market.  We are methodical but are so for a good reason. 

If you are interested in learning more about the steps to open your neighborhood bakery with Great Harvest, you can learn more here:

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