Key Franchise Purchase Question: Can You Trust Your Franchisor?

Key Franchise Purchase Question: Can You Trust Your Franchisor?
Trust absolutely has to be earned.  One cannot walk into a room and say “trust me” and expect to be taken seriously. 

I have one consultant I work with where I do 99% of what they say without much thought.  I trust them that much.  But, it wasn’t always that way. 

I was really skeptical at first.  I tried the first suggestion and it worked.  I tried the second and it worked.  I tried the third and it worked.  In all three cases I did some research before I took the plunge, but each time let me do a little less because my trust in them was growing.  Now, I just do what they say because they earned my trust. 

In Great Harvest, that is our goal as well.  We want to have trusting relationships with our customers – all the local Great Harvest bakery owners. 

trust pyramidWe make promises to treat everyone the same and keep them.  We do all we can to listen and change when necessary.  We offer exceptionally large and protected territories and do not meddle with the definitions in order to give each franchisee space so they don’t have to worry about neighbor issues.  We never offer special deals on your royalty so there is no issue of why do they pay more or less than I do?  If the rate is different it is because different age bakeries have different rates.  We also have a policy of whatever we do for one store we do for all.  Are there exceptions to that last one?  Probably, because circumstances do dictate a few exceptions.  But, the point is, we do everything we can to treat everyone the same to earn your trust.

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