Researching Opening a Bakery? 5 Tips for Evaluating Great Harvest

Researching Opening a Bakery? 5 Tips for Evaluating Great Harvest

Being part of the Great Harvest family of bakery owners is more than just a job – it’s a whole way of life and a whole lot of fun. We are passionate about our craft, excited about healthy living and devoted to our customers. You can enjoy the freedom of creating your own neighborhood bakery, backed by the support of a company whose practices have proven their value for more than three decades.

When evaluating if opening a Great Harvest bakery is right for you, it’s important to understand our business model. Here are 5 tips to consider if you are interested in owning your own bakery franchise.

  1. Understand the Freedom Franchise Concept is unique and does differ from other franchise opportunities. Where most franchises provide you with a cookie cutter model that can be replicated, we give you the freedom to run your own show. The franchise assists you by offering proven, tested, scalable, profitable business solutions, but each local bakery owner develops a neighborhood bakery that reflects the personality of the owner and the community in which it is located. As we like to say, we give you a playbook, not a rule book.

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  2. We are looking for owner/operators rather than investors interested in owning a manager run business. Our business model depends on passionate owners who are the face of their neighborhood bakery, know their customers by name, manage their crews by example, and are active members of their community.

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  3. Passion drives success within our system. This includes passion for the freedom franchise concept, passion for producing a high quality healthy product that tastes phenomenal, passion for providing exemplary service for your customers, and passion for running a successful and profitable business.

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  4. This is a multi-faceted business that requires an owner to be knowledgeable about, actively involved in, and up to date in all aspects of the business. This includes customer service and front of store operations, production, managing your books, determining product offerings, pricing, hiring right and managing and motivating a crew, and much more.

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  5. You are not alone and will be supported by a dedicated team of professionals who will guide you through every step of getting your bakery up and running, and who will provide you with ongoing support once your bakery is operational. You will also have access to a family of Great Harvest owners who are truly generous with sharing their knowledge and experience.


If you are interested in knowing more about opening a Great Harvest bakery cafe, we’d love to help. Give us a call at 1-800-442-0424 or visit the Franchise Opportunities section of our website.

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