What Does Yoga Have To Do With The Bread Business?

What Does Yoga Have To Do With The Bread Business?
My wife, Eadie, has helped me with many blog posts over the years.  Some of you know this already, but she is fighting cancer right now and we have been looking at new and interesting ways to spend more time together.  This morning, on our way to chemo, we did our second yoga class together. 

 family photo

My plan was to finish a different post during her treatment session, but she asked if she could share a little about her morning with us.  Absolutely!

I’m not sure what I expected from Yoga.  An opportunity to be more active while going through chemo.  Certainly something both Mike and I could do together (especially since I tried the cycling thing for 20 miles 15 years ago on Mother’s Day and swore never again).  Perhaps I might tone up a bit.  But for the mind-body thing?  Difficult given what runs through my mind these days.

 yoga mat

We decided semi-private sessions would be best to start with- given Mike and I were essentially beginners.  We found a great place – Bend Yoga – in Pittsburgh on Penn Avenue.  Our teacher, Lynn, introduced us to Yoga easily, calmly and with some New Jersey humor. 

While I haven’t achieved Zen trances (which is what I was expecting), I feel great.  My mind is focused on stretching, bending, twisting, pushing – with breathing keeping pace.  When I’m following the instructions – breathing at the right time – and feeling the stretch– I can move my thoughts away from everything else. 


The punch line for me?  I feel strong…clean…connected.  Strong mind, strong body – for me, these things lead to clear thinking and excitement about the future.  New ideas, new ways of doing things.  A lot to get from a new activity….healthy mind, healthy family, healthy business, healthy community.  But I’m up for it.  You are too.


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