Bakery Franchise Team Rolling In The Dough

Bakery Franchise Team Rolling In The Dough
Hot whole wheat bread, warm smiles, holiday tunes and no cash register…It’s a perfect December day in Dillon, MT and one we look forward to all year long.

bakery franchise baker

Throughout the year, franchisees come to Dillon to learn how to bake phenomenal bread and train in all the aspects of running their own neighborhood Great Harvest bakeries.  After several days in the class room, we open up the doors of our training bakery to give these new business owners a chance to show off what they’ve learned.  Local charities are selected and receive 100% of the sales for the products sold each day. 

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Even with opening for a only a few days every other month, we’ve helped raise over $217,000 which is pretty amazing when you consider that Dillon has a population of just a little over 4,000 people.  Heck, the whole county is only about 9,000!  These die-hard whole wheat fans sometimes drive for 25 miles or more to snag their place in a line that stretches down the sidewalk to take home phenomenal bread and support deserving charities through their purchases and donations.  

bakery franchise team

So each December, we open up the bakery for a special day when the franchise office employees bake up the local favorites and give a free loaf of bread to every family.  It’s our way of saying “Thank-you!” not only for supporting the charities but also for the welcoming experience they give our new Great Harvest bakery owners in training, cheering them on as they head back to neighborhoods all across the county to meet the challenges and succeed in achieving their dream of owning a bakery.  

Happy Holidays!



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