When Does An Open Bakery Truly Come To Life?

When Does An Open Bakery Truly Come To Life?

At what point does a new bakery truly come to life? 

For new owners like the Cray’s and Sundborg’s in Fairbanks, AK, they may say that their bakery has been alive for a long time—even since it was just a dream.  

Great Harvest Fairbanks owners photo

They first started enjoying the tastes and smells of the Anchorage, AK Great Harvest store about five years ago.  They enjoyed that experience so much that the dream began to form of owning their own whole grain bread store.

Fairbanks Great Harvest owners photo

Now, a little under two years after first starting their relationship with the franchise, they have just opened their doors. It's been fun to be a part of the training team here in Fairbanks.

I train people how to bake phenomenal bread.  For me, a bakery comes to life when I get to help the owners and bread crew make phenomenal bread on their own.  I like to think when the mill is humming, the mixer is clacking, and the oven is squeaking all in sync with a busy bread and sweets crew, a new bakery has come to life. 

training baking photo

Amanda Flamm is here in Fairbanks training the new employees how to run fast to help customers.  She may tell you that a new bakery is alive when an energetic crew is handing thick, hot slices of bread from the breadboard to customers in the lobby.  Because, ultimately, the point a store really does come to life is when owners get to deliver their whole wheat bread, exceptional sweets, and bodacious sandwiches to the excited and happy customer. 

Eric & Tricia Cray and Steve & Alicia Sundborg opened the doors of their neighborhood bread store in Fairbanks, AK last Friday (Aug 24th.)  We've been going full tilt since then.  

Great Harvest fairbanks photo

Do you have any words of encouragement for these new owners as they bring their store to life?


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