If I Open A Bakery, Will I Stop Liking Bread?

If I Open A Bakery, Will I Stop Liking Bread?

I am honored to present a guest post by Sara Goodwin Brown, Great Harvest Burlington, VT owner and guest blogger.

I am frequently asked by customers at the counter, "Do you still eat the bread?"  As if after all these years I would become immune to its charms.  The answer is "Yes.  Every day.  And lots of it."  My tastes have changed over time, I usually overlook the sweet breads for anything savory. Santa Fe Cornbread with melty cheese can really get my heart pumping.  However, if there is Almond Babka on the board, and I can think of any reason that I might deserve a treat, I'll cut myself a slice.

A fat slice of warm Honey Whole Wheat or Dakota is my breakfast most mornings, and I time my lunch to coincide with the arrival of Farmer's White.  There are few things in the bakery better than a hot heel of Farmer's White spread with butter.

Great Harvest brownies photoWho am I to resist the siren call of the brownies?  I have to walk past that pan dozens of times a day.  I must have a chunk (or three) every afternoon with my cup of coffee.  The brownies are my undoing.  Every year I resolve to cut back on them, and every year about this time, I give up. In fact I think I need a fudgey little chunk right now.


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