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Celebrate Earth Day by talking with your family about where food comes from and the importance of sustainable living. Great Harvest bakers in Salt Lake City created this video that captures the concept of farm-to-table for a loaf of whole wheat bread.


Enjoy the video below!



What Earth Day activities do you recommend?


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I'm Debbie Huber. I love great bread, nice people and authentic businesses. As a veteran employee at Great Harvest, I've met amazing small business owners and eaten a lot of whole wheat bread. I've even baked it myself, and there is not much in life that is more immediately satisfying than pulling trays of your own bread out of the oven. Except maybe watching people put butter on a steaming slice, enjoy that first bite and say "wow! Just like my grandma used to make..." or "this is whole wheat? But it tastes so good..." In my free time I enjoy exploring Montana, golfing with my family and teaching business-related classes as an adjunct faculty member at the University of Montana - Western.