Does Your Work Or Small Business Make You Happy?

Does Your Work Or Small Business Make You Happy?

 Who is the happiest person you know? Seriously.  Think about that.  Odds are they are content with who they are.  They do something they are comfortable with.  They do something they enjoy.  They smile a lot.  An awful lot. 

In my previous life in the finance world, my best friend and co-worker would walk into my office each morning and say “Can you believe we are going to do this for another day?”  We were both pretty talented and successful.  But his question was spot on.  Eventually, I couldn’t believe it so I quit my job and started grilling hot dogs for a living to make my transition to the food world.  That was fun.  And eye opening.  And humbling.  But I smiled every day.

Then I found a company where the first line of the mission statement is Be Loose and Have Fun. And the fun continues.

Great Harvest mission statement

All of us have to get out of bed and go do something.  Work, play, run a small business, create art, make music, something.  Look around you. Who is smiling?  That is the person engaged with their day.  Who is not?  That is the person going through the motions.  And not succeeding or enjoying their day.

I have done both.  In the same job at different stages.  But, when I have done my best work, I have always been smiling.  Be happy.  Be content.  Be grounded.  Smile.  Then you will be your best.  Try it.  ;-) 

carterbeauford1  Back to my question.  I don’t know this guy personally but I study the theories of happiness and personal performance. Carter Beauford does a pretty good job! I have never seen anyone smile so much while “working. “

Who do you know that is happy?

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