Healthy School Lunches with Whole Grains and More...

Healthy School Lunches with Whole Grains and More...

Schools across the nation are once again becoming populated and parents now regain that tedious task of trying to figure out what to put in their children’s lunch boxes. This can become quite the chore when working to find a compromise between a healthy meal and one your child doesn’t want to trade off for a processed cupcake in the lunchroom.  Let Great Harvest help take the edge off and try these healthy ideas to keep your kids energized and well nourished.

  • Instead of…A peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Try this… Add some banana slices and peanut butter to our Honey Whole Wheat bread or even try spreading some reduced fat cream cheese mixed with a little honey and orange zest on any of our whole grain breads and add sliced strawberries for a sandwich that is fruity, flavorful, and full of nutrients.

  • Instead of…Your basic ham and cheese sandwich

Try this…Make the sandwich a fun kabob with lean deli meat, cheese, chunks of whole grain bread, and some veggies on a skewer. Even include something to dip it in such as spicy mustard.


Make a quesadilla with chicken and pair with salsa


Use leftovers from the night before, such as grilled barbeque chicken, and whole wheat tortilla wrap photosandwich it between a Great Harvest whole grain bun or roll


Smear some reduced fat cream cheese on a whole wheat tortilla put some avocado slices, a little pepper, whatever veggies you like, and some turkey and roll up then slice into coins.

  • Instead of… Potato chips.

Try this… Baked pita chips with black bean and corn salsa (easy to make at home!) or hummus.

black bean salsa photo web

  • Instead of… Pudding

Try this…Make a fruit smoothie with yogurt, blueberries, raspberries, banana,smoothie photo and a little juice and throw it in a thermos.

  • Instead of…Candy or sweets.

Try this…Cut fruit into fun shapes with a cookie cutter and or dip into a simple yogurt dip made of vanilla yogurt, peach preserves, and cinnamon.

  • Instead of…Cookies

Try this…Bag up some of Great Harvest’s Groovy Granola to munch on or sprinkle over yogurt.

Great Harvest granola photo

Help your child learn by example and adopt healthy habits yourself in the home. Also, include your child in preparing a smoothie or some black bean salsa. This keeps them engaged and excited as well as reinforces healthy eating habits.

What are your favorite lunch time recipes?


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