Are You Ready for Some Real Food and Some Football?

Are You Ready for Some Real Food and Some Football?

This weekend we’ll find out which team is heading to Arlington, Texas for Super Bowl XLV. Will it be the Pittsburg Steelers? New York Jets? Chicago Bears? Wisconsin’s Green Bay Packers?

I have to admit I’m not a huge sports fan, with the exception of the Super Bowl. This year I’m pulling for dah Bears, and look forward to gathering with friends and family to hoop and holler at the television and share some good eats!

When I entertain, I keep it simple and fresh. My tradition is to hollow out two large round loaves of Honey Whole Wheat (or one of our savory breads like Cheddar Garlic) and fill them with chili (spicy and not-so-spicy style). The hollowed out bread is cubed and used for dipping in White Cheddar Hot Crab Artichoke Dip. (This recipe is outstanding!)

I surround the bowls with blue tortilla chips and sprigs of cilantro. The bowls become the centerpiece for my table. I provGreat Harvest cornbread photoide shredded cheese, salsa, chopped onions, avocado, tomatoes and sour cream for friends to add in as they wish. Another delicious complement to the meal is cornbread. If you are a cornbread connoisseur, you best be trying our “Made From Scratch” Cornbread mix. It’s full of flavor and has a nice moist texture.

On the sweeter end of things, I'll bake up a batch of our "Made From Scratch" mix Double Fudge Whole Wheat Brownies. Our Great Harvest brownie mix photobrownie mix produces silky, deep chocolate brownies. We put the Great Harvest test baker through his paces when formulating this mix - it had to be whole grain, velvety, and oh so chocolaty. We sampled many varieties before arriving at the final mix. Tough assignment, eh?

In keeping with the chili theme, I add a little (1 tbsp) ancho chili powder and a pinch of cinnamon to the batter to create "Sweet & Spicy Super Bowl Brownies." Of course, I hide the mix packaging and take all the credit for making these soufflé-like treats from scratch. Shhhhh.

Every bakery across the country will have some great recommendations on how to use Great Harvest products for your Super Bowl bash. Because bakeries are locally owned and operated, owners often create unique specialty items. Last year the Lafayette, Louisiana bakery created awesome Fleur d’Lys bread in honor of the New Orleans Saints. This year the Cappiellos football bread photoof the Newark, Delaware bakery are creating football-shaped bread! Excellent for gourmet sandwiches. They also bake up to six-foot-long braided Challah bread rolls. Great Harvest rolls (especially savory ones) are perfect for hamburger sliders or mini pulled-pork sandwiches.

So which playoff teams do you want at the Super Bowl? Any special reason? Do you traditionally attend or throw a Super Bowl bash? Do you have special entree and/or treat ideas to share? Do tell!