Baking Spirits Bright

Baking Spirits Bright

One of the things I love most about Great Harvest is all the innovation and sharing that happens around the country.  Sure recipe research and development take place in our lab at world headquarters, but some of the best recipes in Great Harvest originated from live bakeries.  In fact, often times recipes are fondly referred to as “the Coconut Bread from Coeur d’Alene” or the “Extreme Cinnamon Swirl from Ann Arbor” or the “Spinach Feta from Chicago.”

ginger bars photo

Just a few weeks ago, the Boulder, Colorado owners, Scott and Sally Creevy, sent us some of their incredible ginger bars. These bars were addictive I tell you. This winning recipe has already found its way to the Lakewood, Colorado bakery owned by Jim Hansman.    

The holiday season is indeed for giving and sharing.  We hope we can bake spirits bright by sharing our love for phenomenal bread, amazing ginger bars, and yummy Pumpkin Oh’s!

Pumpking Ohs photo

Pumpking Oh's: perfect host/ hostess gift this holiday season

What Great Harvest treat are you sharing with family or friends this holiday season?