C Is For Cookie That Is Good Enough For Me

C Is For Cookie That Is Good Enough For Me

Welcome to October. The month of ghouls, goblins, ghosts, and…cookies!  In addition to the candy-filled Halloween, this month is National Cookie Month. There is only one way to

Great Harvest cookie with boy photocelebrate this -- eat cookies! There are few things in life more satisfying than sitting down with a warm cookie and glass of milk.  It is also amazing how the right cookie can melt all your troubles away.

Cookies can be full of calories, but with all foods, moderation is the key.  Cookies can be a great sweet snack, but be careful that you don’t get trapped into eating the whole package or batch. A small cookie a few times a week can fit into nearly every diet. Two or three cookies a day is a little more than most waist lineGreat Harvest cookie mix photos can handle.  Luckily cookies are a perfect treat to be shared!

So grab your kids, learn about the creator of the chocolate chip cookie, make a batch of cookies together, share some with your neighbors and enjoy the sweet memories of fresh cookies. Or just grab a pack of fresh scratch-made cookies from your local Great Harvest bakery.

What's your favorite cookie?