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September is National Whole Grains Month. On behalf of everyone at Great Harvest, I want to thank you for choosing healthy whole grains to feed your family.  Whole grains are a powerhouse of nutrition and provide many essential vitamins and minerals.  By choosing whole grains and eating 3 ounces everyday, you are reducing your risk of many chronic diseases, including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, digestive cancers and stroke.  You are also helping your body maintain or even lose weight.  Your children have a lower risk of obesity and diabetes, and are less likely to have asthma and acne. Another bonus -- we all feel more full and satisfied after eating whole grains. 

So you know that whole grains are better for you and your family, but have you ever wondered what makes a whole grain a whole grain? All grains start out as a whole grain.  Grains have three parts: thewhole grain graphic bran, the germ and the endosperm. If after processing (milling, grinding, etc.) all three parts are still there, it is a whole grain. If any parts are removed, like removing the bran and germ for white flour, it can’t be a whole grain. Whole wheat flour used at Great Harvest is fresh ground each and every day. Nothing is added and nothing is removed leaving our flour as 100% whole grain.

Why does your family choose whole grains? taste? nutrition? something else?