What Does Great Harvest Mean To You?

What Does Great Harvest Mean To You?

Don't get fancy, just in one word, or phrase, what do we mean to you?  That is the essence of branding.  Michael.  Madonna.  Darth.  When you reach the one word status, well....brands can rarely get there but they can have souls.

ferrari photo

Apple is innovative.  Ferrari is Red and everything that color means.  Goldman is, well, let's not go there.  Dave Matthews is The Band.  You get my point.  Brands have meaning.  It can be different for different people but they still have meaning. 

What does Great Harvest mean to you?

The inspiration for this blog came from a simple trip to the iTunes store.  I went looking for a movie and on the home page was this album cover with this dude with this wild hair.  I immediately recognized him as the conductor for the LA Phil I blogged about a few weeks ago.  I promise to not turn this into a music blog (although I will write about music frequently) but I just spent $13.99 at iTunes because I recognized a dude's hair.  That is a brand.

So, in one phrase, what do you think of when you think of Great Harvest?  What is meaningful enough about us to make you think of us at a glance?

Thanks for reading.  And responding.


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