May is National Strawberry Month: Strawberry Shortcake Bread Anyone?

May is National Strawberry Month: Strawberry Shortcake Bread Anyone?

Nothing says spring like the taste of strawberries and the season's first fruits. These succulent little red berries are not only nearly every kid's favorite fruit but are packed with great nutrition that make mom's happy. Berries in general are terrific sources of antioxidants (components in foods that may be responsible for improving and maintaining health.) Strawberries rank number two on the list, just under blackberries.

Strawberries are a healthy non-fat, low calorie snack. A serving of strawberries (about 8) has only 50 calories and 7 grams of sugar. They also are a good-to-excellent source of several key nutrients including folate, fiber and potassium. Did you know that strawberries have even more vitamin C than an orange!

This spring I encourage you to reach for a handful of strawberries over a processed snack or dessert. Choose fresh strawberries to top your Cinnamon Chip French toast instead of syrup. Add sliced strawberries to your granola. Or ask your local Great Harvest bakery if they make Strawberry Shortcake bread:

Great Harvest strawberry shortcake bread photo









What are your favorite ways to include strawberries or fresh fruit in your daily diet?

(P.S. Brittny is actually on maternity leave -- Congratulations, Brittny on your beautiful baby girl!! And thanks for prepping your blog posts before you left!)