Healthy Kids Day

Healthy Kids Day

As a parent you take extra steps to make sure your kids are safe -  car seats installed correctly, food cut in bite size pieces, shoes tied, etc. And you also make healthy choices for your family, like buying them great tasting whole wheat bread. Whole grains give kids needed energy and essential nutrients to keep their minds and bodies strong and healthy.

Kids in wheat photo

This weekend, communities and YMCAs across the country are celebrating Healthy Kids Day. You can find local events here and YMCA Healthy Kids Day events are free and open to all. In addition, here are a few fun and engaging ideas for the whole family to promote year-long wellness and health.

  • Go for a family walk once a week.
  • Eat dinner together every night. Many studies show that families who eat together have much healthier diets and family relationships.
  • Have your kids help plan and make dinner. Use the time to talk about each of the different food groups you are using and why they are important. Also kids are more likely to eat good foods when they help prepare them.
  • Each week have your child pick out a new fruit or vegetable from the grocery store to try.
  • Enjoy the warmer spring weather -- get outside and play Frisbee, catch, tag or shoot hoops.
  • Set a family fun night each week where you do an activity as a family.
  • Play at the park or go for a bike ride.

What are your favorite ways to stay healthy with your kids?