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Have you ever looked at claims made on supplements? It is not uncommon to see something about cancer, either prevention or cure. But instead of becoming a pill popper or specialty drink connoisseur, wouldn't it be nice to prevent cancer just by eating normal food?  Here come the whole grains! 

In conjunction with a diet full of fruits and vegetables, eating 3 whole wheat bread photoounces of whole grains every day helps prevent many chronic diseases. That means your daily sandwich on Honey Whole Wheat can reduce your risk of digestive cancers by 21-43%, pancreatic cancer by 30%, gastric cancer by 43%, colon and rectum cancer by 21%, endometrial cancer by 10-45%and ovarian cancer by 37-40%.  WOW! (sources: The Whole Grains Council and Jacobs et al. articles based on the Iowa Women's Health Study in the American Journal of Public Health, 1998;68:248-257and the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 1998;89:322)

There are many reasons for whole grain's impressive stand against cancer but fiber and antioxidants are the main culprits.  Going head-to-head, wheat and oats equal broccoli and spinach in antioxidant activity! Just imagine the cancer fighting benefits you get from a slice of whole wheat Popeye or Spinach Feta.

What's your favorite way to eat healthy?