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That's a question many Great Harvest Bread Company owners ask themselves.  "Give Generously to Others" is not just part of the mission statement, it something lived every day in bakeries all across the country, from the free hot slices given at the breadboard to the weekly loaves donated to local food banks.   But it doesn't stop there. 

Take Greg and Jill Baughn, owners of GH in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  They saw a need in their community and went to work.

Bready bear by Great harvest photo "Special Kids" is an organization that supports families of children with special needs.  So many of these families have a very limited number of places to turn for help and the financial need is great.  Joined by volunteers from "Special Kids" the bakery crew made and sold "Bready Bears" raising over $3000 to help "Special Kids" provide therapeutic rehabilitation and skilled nursing care.  

Greg said "Having two healthy kids is something that you take for granted.  I can not even imagine what these families go through every day and I so admire the courage of these kids. I got to join them in celebrating the birthday of a child that wasn't supposed to have lived to age one.  How wonderful is that?"

Special Kids organization photo with Great Harvest Murfreesboro owner

If you want to help "Special Kids" or read about their service, go to

Has your local Great Harvest helped a charitable organization in your community?

I'm Kayla Conner and I accidentally found Great Harvest almost seventeen years ago while searching for a cup of coffee! Who knew that what I'd find was phenomenal bread and the some of the nicest, most generous people in the world. I thought, hey... sounds like a great place to work! So, I joined the team at the franchise office. As a Post-Tracker and Bakery Advisor for Great Harvest, I travel to bakeries and cafes in all parts of the USA helping them with whatever they might need to improve their business. Whenever I'm asked what I like most about my job, the answer is simple... "hugs from franchise owners when I leave them to travel to the next location." Those relationships are what energizes me get up early in the morning to catch that next plane or drive late at night to the next hotel. So, even on days when the security lines seem endless, I can't imagine doing anything else.