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I am Ilana Greenslade, a Training & Development Specialist at Great Harvest Franchising. I received my BA from Willamette University with a double major in Classical Studies and Archaeology. While I still enjoy translating Homer from the original Ancient Greek, constructing a Harris matrix, and archaeological drawing, the discovery of Great Harvest pulled my life in a different direction. I was first introduced to Great Harvest while at college and was thrilled to see a new Great Harvest opening in my hometown. I was hired as their sweets baker and met the Great Harvest training staff as we prepared for the bakery’s grand opening. I was immediately intrigued by the existence of a job not only where you get to travel around the country training people on how to make these incredible products—but with a company that has such integrity and transparency, as well. Lo and behold, a short time later Great Harvest Franchising was hiring for a new trainer. I applied, and the rest is history! Outside of baking and solving the puzzles of Homer and stratigraphy, I enjoy dressage, Muay Thai, philosophical conversations, hiking, and reading beautifully written and thought-provoking books.

Real Food. Real People. Real Business.