Good Nutrition Month: A Reminder to Make Healthy Choices

Good Nutrition Month: A Reminder to Make Healthy Choices

Stuck in the middle between the trick-or-treat sweet fest and the holiday season, November’s Good Nutrition Month reminds us all of the importance of eating healthy. 

So what does Good Nutrition mean? 

It means eating an adequate amount of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, proteins, dairy and fats each day to keep your body healthy.  All the while enjoying your favorite “not so healthy” foods in moderation. 

whole wheat loaf photo

It means using MyPlate as a guide and remembering that all foods fit under the pyramid, but you should eat more foods from the base everyday. 

It means that being physically active goes hand-in-hand with eating healthy. 

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It encourages less eating out and more eating at home. 

It is choosing a variety of foods from each of the food groups.

It is helping you feel and look your best from the foods you eat.

This month take a look at what you are eating everyday.  Using MyPlate as a guide, identify which food groups you are doing well with and those that could use help.  Identify a few changes to make and stick to it.  Use this break in sweet-filled holidays to come back to the basics of good nutrition.

What healthy choices do you recommend?